ImageThis is going to start trouble, but a review of 63 studies spread over decades shows that religious people are “less intelligent” than atheists.  The studies go on to say that intelligent people are more likely to be married and successful, meaning they need religion less. One study said that intelligent children grasp religion early in life but learn to distance themselves from it later on in life as they develop disbelief in or doubt about the notion that there is a God. In my case it developed early in life as I encountered descendants of the race of extraterrestrials who created Jesus with artificial insemination experiments, a plot which is vaguely discussed in the Bible, where it’s explained that Mary was unable to conceive, but after a visit by “angels” (or scientists, to use the correct term) she became pregnant and gave birth to the “son of God”.


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August 13, 2013 · 1:04 am

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