Sour Apples?

Has Apple reached the bottom of the barrel? Have people stopped bobbing for Apples? A recent story claims that iPad sales are down 27%. The new Apple iPhone 5C’s sales are tanking. Are customers finally realizing that an iPad is just a tablet and an iPhone is just a phone and that there are tons of alternative choices out there? If that’s so, it was a long time coming. People have been so brainwashed that Steve Jobs was the technical equivalent of God that if he had attached an Apple logo to a stack of dog droppings, it would have sold like hotcakes. Personally, I have never cared for anything Apple makes, and am also unfazed about Android. My previous phones have almost exclusively been Nokia/Symbian, except for one Motorola. I then had a Windows 7 and upgraded it to a Windows 8–the est phones I ever had. I’ve fooled around with iPhones and Androids and find them to be a pain. Everyone I know who has iPhones or Androids has numerous complaints, especially when it comes to batteries draining prematurely. I recently had the opportunity to try a Windows tablet and found it much better that its competition. That’s why Windows has dominated the tech world for so long. Apple makes a poor also-ran.Apple 2013 Products


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