2014 Ford E150, Part Deux

ImageToday, we got our second 2014 Ford E150 van. With only 125.7 miles on the odometer, this was a great chance to test out a factory fresh model and compare it with the one from December 15. Sadly, there were no differences, so it appears that the things wrong with the first one weren’t a mistake. Driving this one was as body-wracking as the first one was. To coin a phrase, it rode like a truck, or worse, a buckboard.

To be fair, I must repeat that the dashboard is simple yet highly informative, with temperature, oil pressure, battery and fuel gauges that are easy to read, and there are two separate “trip meters” available. The power windows and mirrors are also easy to use and well positioned. There is an “overdrive” available, but the radio, although it has a plug-in auxiliary feed, is just as bad sounding as the first one we tested.

The engine still complains like an angry mother-in-law when you try to accelerate, and once you’re past 30 mph it zips through the stratosphere and you’re doing over 60 too quickly and have to depress the brake too fast for comfort. I don’t recall if I mentioned this the last time, but the power steering is fairly non-existant—it’s there but seems to be on vacation. Ever drive a car whose power steering belt broke? That’s what steering the E150 feels like. Making a turn requires two to three lanes of space, leading to many near-misses, then you find yourself heading for the curb as you try to wildly correct your direction, putting yourself in even more danger. I may be old, but I’m no weakling. If we switch all our vans to E150s, I foresee a number of steering-related crashes in our company’s future.

Honestly, I can’t see or understand what happened to Ford since the 2010 E150 we used to have was so much better than these 2014 vans. Are you listening, Ford? You need to do some serious overhauls on your 2014 E150 before the lawsuits start. 


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