The Chief’s Greatest Secrets Revealed


The time has come to reveal some things, even though it may alienate quite a few people in the process, very likely including some close friends. Recent events have forced my hand, and I’d rather go with those who know me (and those who don’t) knowing the score rather than wondering just how weird I was.

First off, I have been involved with extra-terrestrial entities since I was extremely young. At first, my brother saw some of them too, but I’ve since come to understand that this was because it was hoped he would see what these creatures wanted to teach us—and my brother couldn’t and wouldn’t “get with the program”.

The ETs have been around for a long time. They are, as a race, older than Earth’s humans, going back into the time when life here had yet to leave the sea. The ascent of man caught them a bit by surprise, but as they saw the possibilities, they decided help guide our fate, even to the point of interacting with humans.

This led to the rise of what we today refer as mythology, with all world cultures sharing the knowledge that there were “gods” to help them. The stories varied a bit, but basically the gods lived “in the clouds” or “atop a tall mountain”, which referred to their orbiting stations. Although they were described overall as human-like, there are episodes which refer to their original looks, resulting in stories about centaurs, Medusa, the Amazons, and Poseidon.

Dinosaurs did not become fully extinct, and this led to tales of the kraken, dragons, and other monsters as the aliens controlled them when they encountered them or allowed humans to destroy these beasts.  I was unaware of why I understood these things as the aliens instructed me, but it was instilled in me that I couldn’t openly talk of them, not only because it would be harmful to them, but because the reactions of humans would probably be to “put me away and throw away the key”.

My naturally inquisitive mind took all this in stride, especially the historical aspect of the “gods” and how they were involved with humans. It was explained to me that while many stories in the Bible were based on fact, man’s limited abilities greatly distorted them. The story of Moses involved quite a bit of alien science and even biological weapons that we can only begin to grasp.

Then came the big shock, one that even today most people refuse to believe: Jesus was the result of a genetic experiment—a human-alien hybrid implanted into Mary via artificial insemination. Humans of that time had no way of explaining the process, so it became known as “the immaculate conception”. I have hinted at this over the years and met with scorn and ridicule, and I no doubt will again, but I can deal with the cascade of belittlement and negativity.

This is why I have never believed in God as long as I can remember. Fortunately, my mother was a most understanding human being, which I learned had something to do with the fact that my real dad was also involved with ETs, and so she just cautioned me to remain quiet about my beliefs to avoid (possibly deadly) confrontation. There was great tension when it came time for Sunday school, and I first encountered how intellectually inadequate some humans were. My parents were forced to move, and I went through an extended period of constant moves to new neighborhoods and schools. My step father decided to move us out of Canada and I was back where I was born again: in the United States, but there was a price for my parents—they never again attended church until their respected deaths, which was fine by me.

I don’t intend for this to be a book, so I won’t go into all the details about biblical stories that you won’t believe anyway. I stand by one thing, and that is that humans have been misled for thousands of years, and my voice alone will not change that. I accept that humans need “God” for their survival, and accept that need on your part. What you choose to believe does not offend me, so in turn please don’t be offended by this and we’ll be even.

More important to this is one ET in particular: Galfin. He has been my mentor, my guide, my friend for some sixty years now. His race lives a greatly expanded lifetime—in some cases hundreds of years—and this has led me to have a misguided view that I will also have a long life. Galfin and his race are secretly involved with a number of humans, and in turn we are all connected. In my case it’s via a group that follows world events and the direction man is taking. Many of these worked in New York, most notably in the World Trade Center, which President Bush ordered destroyed by using a highly intricate attack which has since become known as 9/11 and led to the death of hundreds of my friends, including “Genoa Joe” Camino, an alien chemist who was one of my closest friends.

Galfin was my real dad’s mentor as well as mine, but I did not find that out until a few years ago as Galfin began a deeper phase of my learning that included 9/11 information. He explained to me that there were other alien races operating on Earth that were not what you’d call “nice guys”. They are the ones who abduct humans for experimentation and tap the power of their minds for their own use. The people they abduct have “expanded” mental capabilities, usually due to involvement with aliens such as Galfin. This makes me a prime target, but Galfin and his friends are doing their best to protect us.

Unfortunately, there are not enough of them to do an absolute complete job. Recently, you have heard me talk about “involuntary geo-temporal relocation”. The “bad” aliens have developed a process which allows them to “pluck” a human from anywhere and transport him to where they are, do whatever they want, and return them to where and when they got him. Most of the time they are unaware that they have been moved and “operated” on, but in some cases the event stays in the victim’s mind, creating the effect known as “déjà vu”, where the victim remembers being to a place he’s “never” been.

That has happened to me recently. I was taken to a place where part of my brain was removed and “converted”. Galfin found out and stopped the process before it was completed, but the damage was done. The part of my brain that controls communication and balance was corrupted. I now have some difficulty in speaking at times and lose my balance on occasion. Galfin tells me that even his people haven’t been able to correct this problem, and our science isn’t even close to coping with it. It’s now only a matter of time before I do something that may be the death of me—unless Galfin can help me.

 There is so much more I wanted to do before I die, and I don’t intend to give up on life yet. I will continue to live life to the fullest, but you can understand what an event like this can do to a person’s mind. I needed to tell someone, hoping they will understand and not think I’ve already gone nuts. I’m taking a chance telling you this, but it had to be done. Thanks for reading and understanding.

(I don’t know what happened at the end there to alter the spacing and alignment. I apologize for that.)


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