ImageThis photo may have set the female sex back one hundred years. Since it was posted on a California police department’s web site last week, it was reposted on Facebook many times by women with such comments as “He’s too cute to be guilty”,or “I’m in love with a criminal”. some ladies have even offered to pay his fine or bail if he’ll move in with them.

The person most annoyed by this insane attention is the felon’s own wife. Yes, ladies, he’s married but you don’t care, do you? If men would react in the same manner towards a female criminal, you wouldn’t hesitate to trash talk them, so it’s your turn now.

The number one comment concerns how “handsome” he looks. Fortunately, as a guy, I can look at him objectively, and I see an ugly caricature of a man who would probably slit your throat for a nickel and give you back three cents’ change. Secondly, I hear “look at those beautiful eyes”, but I see the cold, calculating eyes of a killer. That teardrop tattoo is sported by hordes of killers and other crininals in jail—it’s like an ID tag for them. Come on, ladies, get your heads out of the clouds and come back to the real world. There are plenty of real men around who would love  the kind of attention you’re lavishing on a fantasy.


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June 22, 2014 · 10:06 pm

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