Dating 101 in 2014

After finding myself being single again, I must confess that I’ve been using a dating service available through Facebook and am finding an abundance of women in the same boat I am. Internet dating appears to have changed little since the 1990s when I used “Love at AOL” Women today appear much more open and honest about themselves—maybe unnecessarily so.

There is a section, for instance, where the subjects are allowed to post up to six photos. Ideally, these should be pictures of yourselves, so why are you adding pictures of your dogs and grandkids? Most of these guys want to date you, not your dog. Kids will actually scare off some men like the plague

Personally, I like pictures that show something about the women, such as those in parks (the Grand Canyon is popular around here) or maybe horseback riding. I”m a bit dismayed at the amount of shots that show other guys. That’s the kiss of death for a lot of us, since we don’t want to see the kind of guys you “hang” with. It could be intimidating or give us preconceived notions about what you’re looking for.

A lot of profiles say things like “not looking for a one night stand” or “If you’re looking for sex, don’t bother” yet the pictures show them in a tiny bikini, revealing, or low-cut dress. Ladies, if half your chest is showing, what do you expect him to think about?

I find myself a bit confused by this but I’m diving into the dating pool again, even though I can’t swim.



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