El Guadalajara: Mexico in Washington

El GuadalajaraShelton, Washington may not be your top choice for a Mexican dining experience. Taking that into consideration you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find comida mexicana autentica this far north of the Mexican border, tucked away among the forested backdrop of Northwest evergreens in a former Kentucky Fried Chicken place.You can have your choice of nice tables or more plush booths along the walls.

The friendly crew is attentive to your needs and the delicious food is presented with typical Mexican touches of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. My Chicken Crema Burrito was residing in a luscious pool of cheesy tomato sauce and was quite fulfilling.All the while a pleasant medley of Norteno Mexican music played over the sound system, moderately loud but not overbearing. It was like being in a Mexico City plaza, every bit as good as anything I’ve experienced in southern California.

If you’re coming to the Pacific Northwest and love Mexican cuisine, you’ll want to add El Guadalajara to your list of places to go. Located at the intersection of State Route 3 and Pioneer Way in Shelton, Washington. One more plus: they serve Coca-Cola, which any local will tell you is almost illegal in this part of the country.


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