The Great Time Scam Strikes Again

clockHere we go again! Daylight Savings Time rears its ugly head once more. Why? What is it that makes people go mad around this time every year and take away one hour of our time and put it in limbo until the fall? The history goes back a long way, but it should be noted that Arizona, parts of Minnesota, and several other places don’t use DST and get along fine without it.

Any of my friends will tell you I never used it and never will. How do I cope with it? I have a logical, analytical mind and realize that for several months the world will be in “mindless mode” and I’m one of the few who really knows what’s going on. It’s a well-known scientific fact that DST is a dangerous time as people every year have to reset their biological clocks, leading to rushing into things, coping with missed appointments, and even getting into potentially deadly accidents because of what is basically an idiotic idea.

So, how did we get to this point? Blame that demented crazy fool Benjamin Franklin. While acting as our ambassador to France, he discovered that French people were being hit hard by a candle shortage. To make up for it, the monarchy there declared all clocks should be moved ahead one hour to increase the time there was natural light, thereby cutting back on the time candlelight was necessary. Because he was mentally deficient himself, an idea formed in his head. This plan would work in the United States too. It would especially be beneficial to the southern plantation owners who depended on slave labor for cotton and could get an extra hour of work a day out of their captive labor force. This law was kept even after slavery was abolished because it worked equally well in factories. The seed was planted.

So, who benefits from DST? About the only people who do are surfers and hunters, who want more daylight to do their thing. For the rest of you, it’s frustrating as you go to bed and have to get up an hour earlier the next morning. You might say “but I’ll get it back in the Fall”, but why should you have to wait months to do it? By that time you’ve forced your body to work under false pretenses and you’ll wake up earlier that first day of the next time change because you’re now used to getting up “later”..

Research shows how harmful this behavior really is. People who lose sleep are irritable and cranky, and can even become violent when confronted. They cause untold work injuries from their reactions to the cycle change in their lives.or erratic behavior in their cars or operating heavy machinery.How many hours of productive work time are lost each year because people can’t properly adjust to the time changes? How much longer are we going to put up with this stupidity?

Every year for over the past 50 years, as fans of my old radio show know, I have been pushing for a repeal of DST. It is no longer needed and does more harm than good. Think about it and get back with me in an hour. You’ll get it back in the fall.


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