The Blazing Onion Offers Variety

Inside Blazing OnionBlazing Onion Gig HarborLocated in Gig Harbor, Washington, at 4701 Point Fosdick Drive Northwest, the Blazing Onion is basically an upscale sports bar masquerading as a full service restaurant while subtly blending the two in a manner that will satisfy everyone.. The requisite proliferation of flat screens abounds inside the spacious room, but the first thing you see when you walk in is a  take-out counter and large menu on the wall above it. If it seems too intimidating, you’re invited to go have a comfortable seat and a crew member will bring you a menu for your consideration.

This will be no easy task as they offer over 25 varieties of gourmet burgers, as well as fish and chips. Their impressive repertoire includes a meatloaf burger, as well as a genuine buffalo burger and one made from wild boar, all of which can be served with an intriguing side of something called Bob Sauce, a delightfully tasting concoction I couldn’t identify but was extremely tasty.

I opted for the buffalo burger, something I hadn’t eaten in ages. Considering the fact that buffalo is leaner and tastier than beef, I can’t imagine why it’s not offered at more places. The price is a little higher ($12.99 at the Onion) but well worth it. It arrived with a generous portion of fries and smothered with ketchup, onions, sauce, and crispy lettuce. I was genuinely satisfied. The attentive crew made sure our drinks didn’t stay empty long. if at all.

There are several Blazing Onion locations in the Seattle area.It should be one of your choices for delicious gourmet burgers in a clean place with friendly employees.


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