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The Bunkhouse in Nehalem, Oregon

My recent day trip to Tillamook had to include a place to eat, so we decided to try the Bunkhouse at 36315 Highway 101, in Nehalem, Oregon.The name on the sign looked familiar as it claims to be the Cafe 101, like the place we had stopped at the night before in Seaside, Oregon. we were seated and scanned the menu, which, except for the color, was identical to the one we’d ordered from in Seaside. I had to ask if they were related and were told that they were indeed “twin sisters”

I felt like something different today, so I ordered a ham and cheese omelette and Coke. The omelette arrived hot and brimming with Tillamook cheese, and with a side of hash browns and toast. The Coke was served in a Mason jar, which was in step with their “country casual” theme. The tidy but small dining room was adorned with an old style wood burning stove, which is actually used when it gets cold here, and perched as they are on the oceanfront cliff of the Pacific, it gets cold here in winter.

To be honest, the service wasn’t up to the standard of their Seaside location, but they tried hard. I got the impression that this was a “locals only” place, with tourists politely handled. Restaurants are scarce in that neck of the woods, so if you decide to stop at the Bunkhouse, you’ll get good food at a good price, though it may feel too casual for your personal taste. WP_20150421_017  WP_20150421_019  WP_20150421_018


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Cafe 101 Family Restaurant

After a long day’s drive and finally settling on a hotel, we needed place to eat in Seaside Oregon, and the Cafe 101 at 1815 S. Roosevelt Dr. was just a few minutes’ drive from our hotel. We walked into a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere. Clean floors and tables and a friendly staff made us feel welcome. Even though it was getting late, we were not hurried along and this led my companion to ask what time they closed. We were advised that they had closed 10 minutes before, but the server told us they turned off the open sign so we could dine undisturbed.

All the while some mellow soft rock was playing and we thoroughly enjoyed a quiet dinner for two. We were even asked if we wanted dessert, but we declined, thinking we inconvenienced them enough. The food was served in decent quantities at a fair price. We loved this place!WP_20150420_017WP_20150420_013WP_20150420_014WP_20150420_015

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The Bayview in Port Townsend

WP_20150412_025WP_20150412_022 WP_20150412_024During a day trip to this part of Washington. it was recommended we stop here for good food and nice scenery. We were not disappointed on either count. The Bayview, located at 1529 Water Street in the quaint little town of Port Townsend sits right on the water’s edge and allows a view of sailboats passing by, various birds looking for food at the water’s edge and beach, and is within walking distance of the local ferry. The food was excellent as well.

I opted for an easy standby, the open-faced hot turkey sandwich, and was served promptly with a rather large serving that varied a bit from what I’ve gotten in the past. Sitting next to about a week’s supply of red-skinned mashed potatoes and gravy were four pieces of toasted bread covered with huge slices of turkey and smothered with the same gravy that highlighted the mashed potatoes. It tasted like turkey, but I was dumbfounded by how big the original bird must have been to produce such large, thick slices.. I washed it down with Coke—another rarity since it seems almost illegal for public places to serve anything but Pepsi in Washington. There was also the mandatory portion of cranberries, but I’m that rare person who grew up in New Jersey and can’t stand cranberries. The service was courteous, timely, and unobtrusive, yet our every want was met without asking . In keeping with the tourist town tradition, the cashier’s area is laden with a large amount of postcards and free brochures.If you come to Port Townsend and don’t stop to eat at the Bayview, you may miss the best part of the experience.

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What’s this about Easter?

Shroud of TurinWell, another Easter come and gone, and I have to say this is the longest-running unsolved mystery in history. Sure, it’s said to be the time of Jesus rising from the dead, officially making him the first zombie, but don’t you think after over 2,000 years, you had time to figure out what date this happened on? Seriously, you Christians are a riot! I can’t remember two consecutive years when Easter fell on the same day. I know the semantics and science fool and confuse you. The man died, yet his alien friends used advanced medical and radiation treatments to return him to life, something that China, Russia, and our country are all working on today, This gave us The Shroud of Turin, which is the actual cloth he was wrapped in. The shroud, inbued with chemicals and treated with radiation, transferred Jesus’ likeness to itself. I have never denied that fact. It’s just that you people can’t cope with the truth.

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