The Bunkhouse in Nehalem, Oregon

My recent day trip to Tillamook had to include a place to eat, so we decided to try the Bunkhouse at 36315 Highway 101, in Nehalem, Oregon.The name on the sign looked familiar as it claims to be the Cafe 101, like the place we had stopped at the night before in Seaside, Oregon. we were seated and scanned the menu, which, except for the color, was identical to the one we’d ordered from in Seaside. I had to ask if they were related and were told that they were indeed “twin sisters”

I felt like something different today, so I ordered a ham and cheese omelette and Coke. The omelette arrived hot and brimming with Tillamook cheese, and with a side of hash browns and toast. The Coke was served in a Mason jar, which was in step with their “country casual” theme. The tidy but small dining room was adorned with an old style wood burning stove, which is actually used when it gets cold here, and perched as they are on the oceanfront cliff of the Pacific, it gets cold here in winter.

To be honest, the service wasn’t up to the standard of their Seaside location, but they tried hard. I got the impression that this was a “locals only” place, with tourists politely handled. Restaurants are scarce in that neck of the woods, so if you decide to stop at the Bunkhouse, you’ll get good food at a good price, though it may feel too casual for your personal taste. WP_20150421_017  WP_20150421_019  WP_20150421_018


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