Avengers: The Age of Ultron

Ultron 1   Ultron 2  Ultron 3     Ultron 4  The Age of Ultron is like many blockbuster movies today. It’s hard for non-comic book fans to follow, but almost everyone seeing it will have a good time. This one opens up with the Avengers raiding a Hydra base in a fictional Iron Curtain country. as the raid goes down we get fed bits of information—this is a raid to recover Loki’s scepter, which can unleash great power. This is the last known Hydra base. SHIELD has been disbanded—getting all this, or were you too busy watching the guys in action to notice? The Avengers win, or do they really? Then the opening credits start to roll.

We are introduced to twin siblings, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who are working on the side of Hydra at this time. Scarlet Witch casts a spell on Tony (Iron Man) Stark, causing him to dupe Bruce (Hulk) Banner to help him build what turns out to be Ultron, a mighty artificial intelligence bent on destroying the world with the help of Quicksilver and the Witch, the latter of who causes havoc by planting illusions in their brains. This leads to Hulk running amok until Iron Man neutralises him with his “Hulkbuster” armor. The Avengers go into hiding to regroup. This is where Nick Fury finds them and shames them into getting back in the fight. All except Thor, who has struck out on his own to seek out a man who can help him.

The group tracks down Ultron in the old Hydra base and proceed to fight all his robot army after Stark and Banner, with Thor’s help, create the red Artificial {ntelligence being The Vision using one of the power crystals that have been showing up in previous Marvel movies of late. This ultimate fight causes a cataclysmic tear in the real estate that threatens multitudes of human lives until Nick Fury shows up with one of SHIELD;s old flying bases to save the people. Meanwhile, Vision, who has been inbedded with JARVIS’ intellect, helps wipe out Ultron’s minions and confronts Ultron one on one, but the final resolution there is only hinted at.

The movie ends with the Avengers splitting up but Captain America and Black Widow remain behind at the new Avengers headquarters to help Nick Fury train a new group of recruits, showing us where the future of the Avengers is heading. Age of Ultron is a spectacular visual treat that takes time to dabble in the personal lives of the characters and features enough comedic relief from the opening bell to keep everyone involved. the highlights are definitely the three main fight scenes—the one before the opening credits, the battle between Iron Man and Hulk, and the final battle involving all the characters.

Several years ago, the critics named the original Avengers film the best superhero movie ever, but this one surpasses it and will cause many new adjectives to be created. Batman vs Superman? This is your wake-up call.


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