Cocoa Beach’s Azteca Two Restaurant

Azteca menu  Azteca Two BAzteca Bar    supreme Burrito Combo Azteca 2 Eating at a Mexican restaurant in a “non-Mexican” area can be a frustrating hot-or-miss situation. On my trip to Florida’s Cocoa Beach, it was suggested I visit the Azteca Two at 1600 North Atlantic Avenue in order to get a prime example of comida mexicana. Not exactly given prime advertising, there is a little sign that directs you into the parking lot of the local Hilton Hotel, because that’s where it is—inside the hotel.

The moment you walk in, you feel you just found a genuine fiesta and are in what appears like a south of the border marketplace. There are numerous stuffed animals and elaborate sombreros adorning various shelves and display spots. There is soft latino-themed background music and the large flat screen TV’s are set on a soccer match. You have your choice of booths or tables, including some with high chairs, or you can sit at the bar boasting “the largest selection of tequila in Cocoa Beach”. We opted for the bar to get that Mexican cantina feel.

A young man named Ron was our bartender/order taker as we selected our meal from the bright, orange-tinted menu and chose a cold brew. We were not kept waiting long for our food, but as we waited, Ron kept us entertained with suggestions for future local culinary safaris and places to visit. I decided on something called the Supreme Burrito Combo (wet, or covered with a white cheese sauce). It wasn’t the biggest burrito I’ve ever had, but with its sides of beans, rice, and a small amount of garnish, it more than tamed my hunger. This is what a Mexican restaurant should be like, and tourists feeling like they’ve blown their life’s savings on the attractions will be pleasantly surprised at the moderate menu prices.


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