Vince McMahon Finally Goes Crazy!

Vince 6 Vince 7 In an unprecedentd move, and truly one idiotic as well, Vince McMahon in one fell swoop changed the history of the wrestling world to suit his mind, which as I’ve been telling you for a few years, is wickedly warped. His edict is that his company has no history before today in 2002. On that date, the WWE broadcast Smackdown featuring John Cena, and the claim is that this was their first broadcast.

What about the years before that of RAW on USA and the Monday Night Wars against WCW? What about Bruno Sammartino, Lou Albano, and Gorilla Monsoon? The Road Warriors, Andre the Giant, and Bobby Heenan? This is so similar to Adolph Hitler, who ordered all books burned and destroyed because they clashed with his beliefs. Many fans will have to spread the word manually about these historic people, because according to Vince, they don’t exist. He said, when asked about this:

The WWE begins and ends with John Cena. That’s all the fans need to know because I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon dammit!

What wrestling fans need to do now is boycott the WWE until they reverse this stupid decision. Naturally, Vince did this as a result of a recent event where former WWE superstar Jimmy Superfly Snuka was arrested and accused with murdering his girlfriend in 1983. Vince has tried to interfere with this investigation and even tried to bribe the girlfriend’s family to change their story. Vince is afraid that company records might show how he’s responsible for the deaths of such stars as British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, and Chris Benoit because they tried to help me prove Vince’s father had ordered my dad, Chief Don Eagle, murdered, then bribed people to make it seem to be suicide.

Vince McMahon, as I’ve been saying for years, is a deranged monster who masquerades as a humanitarian to hide his real personality traits. Most of the people working for him truly hate him but won’t speak publicly because he’s so ruthless he might blacklist them, ruining their lives. One need only see how he mercilessly recruits and pays talent to see things his way, including a man who openly professed disdain of him for years, Bruno Sammartino. How about Sting, who once told McMahon he could kiss his ass, yet now just signed a contract with WWE?. How will those two react to the fact that they don’t exist in the mind of the god, Vince McMahon?


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