The Transporter Refueled

Transporter Refueled 1 Transporter refueled 2

Transporter Refueled 3 The Transporter Refueled  fairly begs the question “Why did he need refueling?” Yet, the action is so fast and furious that you soon don’t care about that question .It opens up in 1995 in the French Riviera as we witness a Russian mobster literally taking over the Cote D’Azur prostitution business with a heavy hand. We fade out on a pretty young girl crying as she has to start her new life. Fast forward to fifteen years later as that same girl has devised a plan to clean out her boss’ bank account and hires Frank Martin (AKA The Transporter) to unwittingly be her partner in crime.

From there it’s a nearly non-stop melange of car chases, furious fights, and explosions, with a healthy dose of double dealing as Frank’s dad (Ray Stevenson) gets dragged into the web. Die-hard “Transporter” fans will lament the fact that Jason Stratham, the original Transporter, doesn’t show up, but Ed Skrein as Frank, although in his first major motion picture role, carries it off with applomb. He has the right mindset, takes this seriously, yet plays off Stevenson’s semi-comedic father figure perfectly.

About those car crashes…most of them involve police cars, the economical and not too seemingly well-built Peugeot hatchbacks favored by the French police, as well as police motorcycles. A few people get shot but when they die it’s off-camera. The film is rated R for violent action and several reveals of barely-dressed women. All told I’ve spent worse two hours in theaters than this film gave us. If you crave action, “Refueled” will fill the bill.


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