Recent UFO Controversy

UFO 5UFO leaves Sun Dec 24 2014California dead alien   UFOs are a hot topic–always have been, always will be—but sometimes it’s the “extra” touches that are really interesting. The sharp, crystal clear photos, such as the first one above, are hard to explain or dismiss, so they are casually glossed over by the authorities as “unexplainable” (which means “we don’t know what the hell this is”), even as the “photoshop” element is inserted. The second photo is fairly recent. It shows an unidentified object flying around very close to the sun. It was palmed off as a composite someone made as a joke by many “experts” because since we don’t have any ships that can fly that close to the sun, it’s impossible for one to be there.

That reaffirms the belief that man is the zenith of creation, lord and master of everything “out there”. Time has come for humans to get off that high horse. More and more people now believe we’re not alone in the universe, and the more science tries to prove we are, the more people realise science is full of baloney, or what’s left after digestion of said baloney.

This brings us to picture three. The full story—-late last week in California, thousands of people saw a bright streak zipping across the night sky and the reports started flooding in about UFOs. No one reads the news or listens to pre-released explanations. It was announced earlier that day that a rocket would be tested that night. Furthermore, Earth was in the midst of a heavy “meteor shower” as it passed through a comet’s tail, and “fireballs” were even showing up in bright daylight in such places as Indonesia. All that was forgotten as UFO fever took over and carried on its impact to the ground. Someone reported finding an “alien” in their back yard and took a picture of it. The photo quickly became a rallying point as others began reporting similar finds without photographic proof.

As ugly and strange as this “alien” was, science was quick to offer explanations, and quite a few level-headed individuals reached the same conclusion on their own without the explanation. It was reported that this was merely a premature fetus from a deer. Sometimes, in extreme emergencies, a female deer has been known to ditch an unborn fetus to escape a life-or-death situation. This was such a case, but the explanation didn’t satisfy some people. The panic was further fueled when people who tried to post this photo on Twitter or Facebook, myself included, found their posts “vanishing” as they went up, removed by those in charge of those sites. I saw my own comment on this picture vanish as I was typing it. To the average person, this would have been scary enough, but after years of having an enemy “edit” what I write, I’ve become accustomed to this behaviour.

In conclusion, I know we are not alone n this universe. I believe in extraterrestrials and their technology, but will try to explain what I see with an open mind. If something looks like it could be something else, I will say so, but if it doesn’t, I’ll report it as such—no sugar coating to lessen the impact. Such sugar coating could be the death of us in the end.


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