Spectre Ties Up Many Loose Ends

Spectre 3  Spectre 4Spectre 5 Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, and to me that’s a bit of a stretch, since I still have in my mind that he was the choice to play Race Bannon in the latest attempt to do a live Jonny Quest movie.

What Spectre will be remembered for in the long run is how it managed to tie up a lot of loose ends in the last 40 or so years of Bond films. Basically, the story follows our hero after he gets in a bit of hot water over a caper in Mexico. We further find out that a plan is under way to make the “00” corps obsolete as a new world alliance is considering consolidating world security.

We also find out that only “M” and “Q”, along with Miss Moneypenny are still around, as even James’ old female superior is dead. Bond goes after someone referred to as “The Pale King”, who may be responsible for all this. James confiscates another agent’s supercar and heads off for Rome, along the way briefly seeing this Pale King and becoming engaged in a breakneck chase with Dave Bautista (from Guardians of the Universe) in pursuit. Some hilarity results when none of the car’s weaponry works.

Bond goes off to Austria next to track down the daughter of an older spy and wrecks a plane in yet another conflict that leaves Hinx (Bautista) unconscious. Tangiers, Africa is next, and a long train ride brings Bond and Hinx literally at each other’s throat in a fight to see who gets thrown off the train.

Bond and the girl wind up in a high-tech installation in the African desert where he finally comes face to face with the Pale King, who turns out to be the son of his long-time enemy Blofeld. From here we find out a lot about Bond’s past and that this Blofeld was actually the man behind most of Bond’s problems in his life. The installation is destroyed but Blofeld gets away, leading to a climactic and explosive finish that exposes a member of the British security forces as a protagonist.

All ends well as we see James and the girl drive off in something “Q” had been working on—the fully restored original Bond Aston Martin. Inside word is that this may have been Craig’s final appearance as Bond, but if it is he went out in a blaze of glory.


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