New Direction for Religion

Religion as a whole has plagued humanity for at least thousands of years, ever since a forgotten troglodyte realised that he could get people to do his bidding if he could convince them that a “supreme being” could back him up.

The original plan has seen some changes from time to time and the story spread from one place to another, much like mother-in-law jokes. Some people actually had “inside information” on this entire charade, and incorporated the truth into the thread by incorporating multiple gods into the equation. This happened at a time of “enlightenment” across the world, and soon the religious cannon of various cultures had multiple gods that were named differently and regionally in Roman, Greek, and Norse mythology. Even the Arab and Hindu cultures were caught in this spiral for a time.

The original con game has had its ups and downs over the years, but the truly enlightened individuals reported even the strange events that would eventually reveal religion for what it is—misplaced science that those with lower intellect couldn’t figure out.

Throughout the Bible are multiple examples of advanced science and weaponry. The book of Ezekiel contains one of the most highly detailed sightings of aliens and their ships in recorded history. The Walls of Jericho were destroyed by a sonic weapon. The Hebrews who fled Egypt were aided by an advanced species who displayed cunning weaponry that allowed the Red Sea to be split by a similar weapon that kept the waters behind invisible walls, and when power to those “walls” was turned off, Pharaoh’s army was wiped out. Those aliens remained in a ship that glowed so brightly it was described in such terms as “a pillar of fire”.

The story about Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot’s wife “turned to salt” is easier to believe if you apply modern physics to it. The place was destroyed by an atomic weapon and Lot’s wife was burned to a crisp by the radiation. Modern history showed many such examples in World War II Japan when we bombed it.

Even that resurrection tall tale can be explained by scientific means. Why is the Shroud of Turin so enigmatic? Was Jesus really wrapped in it? Yes he was, and after his “death”, Jesus was wrapped in chemically embedded cloth and subjected to radiation treatment that brought him back to life. Even today, the world’s three superpowers (Russia, China, and the USA) are trying to replicate this and create new armies from dead people, even though they are unaware of how this will affect the dead bodies.

To make a long story short, all this conflicting array of stories is causing more people to doubt previously held religious beliefs. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this universe wasn’t wished into existence by some cosmic magician with a bipolar disorder problem. Even a few decades ago, God was still the “Supreme Being”, but today it’s Jesus. This is supposedly because they’re both the same entity. If anyone else claimed that, he’d be locked in a padded cell. Truth is, people are beginning to realise that an omnipotent, benevolent god would never treat “his” creations the way we are—destroyed by constant wars and deadly diseases, as well as continuous geophysical manifestations.

No, a truly all-powerful creator would protect his work by never allowing wars or disease to happen. Jesus is easier to believe in because he was a man—or at least a suitable hybrid developed by aliens through artificial insemination, if you really understand how Mary was “visited” by emissaries of God and became pregnant without sexual hijinks.

The world’s population no longer is willing to believe its various governments that say there’s no such things as UFOs. They’re beginning to see the light when people like me say that the truth is in the science hidden away in the Bible and that the government knows this and is covering everything from UFOs to sea monsters.

Religion is changing, and when the change is complete, the world may regret having lied to people so long.




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