The Long 2016 Fight For The White House

debate-1  This year of 2016 will be long remembered by people across the world. We had a woman accused of just about every depraved trick in the book going up against a “neophyte” who had never tried his hand at politics running for President. People picked a side and became impervious to the negative press. No matter what crimes Hillary was accused of or proven to have committed, hordes of voters rebuffed it and stuck with their choice because Hillary was a woman. Clinton claimed to be the women and children’s champion yet was touted by her detractors as being secretly “against” her feminine supporters and tied to a pedophile sex trafficking ring and laughed at officials who asked for an explanation about Benghazi.

Trump didn’t escape unscathed either. Supporters claimed he was a “business genius” while it was shown that a university he founded scammed people out of their education and  The Donald had filed for bankruptcy several times. He made comments that led to several women saying he sexually assaulted them, but he was able to prove that most, if not all of the stories were made up and in some cases were financed by the Hillary camp, further hurting her chances.

In a series of debates, Clinton kept trying to erode his support, but that too backfired when she said that she was glad Trump wasn’t in charge and he countered “You’d be in jail” (if I was) She never fully recovered.

hillary-meal-kfc  The Internet became a mine field for her detractors, who created and posted memes ranging from the comical to the downright mean, and posted songs gleefully pointing out all her faults, right up to Election night on November 8.

On that night, both candidates were in seclusion as the night went on. Hillary supporters inundated the Internet with maps showing how she would win. The mass media was clearly in Clinton’s pocket as CNN became known as the Clinton News Network and none of the press gave Trump a chance, yet from the first announced results that showed Trump ahead 19 to 3, the two seesawed all night until early Wednesday morning when Trump took a lead he wouldn’t relinquish. Clinton’s camp deep-sixed its “watch party” crowd with the message that they should go home as she wouldn’t make any comments because the race was “too close to decide at this time”, yet less than an hour later, Hillary called Trump to concede the race and the “newby” businessman was declared the 45th President with an electoral vote count of 289 against her 218.

crowds-revolt-against-trump-win  The battle wasn’t over yet. Throughout the campaign, Clinton had hired people to disrupt Trumps rallies and meetings, going as far as paying homeless people and drug addicts to  do so. When Clinton was announced as the loser, mobs of people—mostly Hispanics, which Hillary had heavily canvassed during her run—rioted in several West coast cities, causing damage and setting fires to American flags while asserting “F*ck Trump” and “He’s not my President”—the only English words rising from the mainly Spanish speaking mobs. Additionally, today arose the story of Clinton supporters vowing to assassinate Trump.

trump-takes-indiana  Now comes the sober truth. We are all Americans and must work together to heal these mixed feelings. Both Hillary and Trump have made great speeches to congratulate each other and are preparing to settle in their respective positions. Donald Trump is our new leader, and it’s our job to help him make America great again. And I say this in spite of the fact that he stole my campaign and used it, right down to that slogan, which makes him a thief if he knowingly did this, but I suspect his campaign managers secretly did this and I’m ready to move on and look to the future. It should be interesting if he goes for reelection against me in 2020.


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