Day Without Immigrants A Dud

protests-1   If you were expecting more of this mayhem, you were probably disappointed, although probably not as much as the people who participated. It was being billed as another protest, the Day Without Immigrants, and like the one a few years ago, it failed massively. Yes, a few companies, like McDonald’s closed quite a few stores, and small bodegas in mainly Hispanic sanctuary cities didn’t open their doors today, to which most of the population said “So what?”

Some years back, a similar “work stoppage” was tried by illegal immigrants nationwide, but the overall effect was that people who didn’t take part were amazingly pleased that with the lesser amount of traffic on the roads and a smaller number of customers in the stores, people reported shorter commuting times and a more pleasurable shopping experience.

I live in Washington now after finally being able (after a two-decade struggle) to escape California. Nearby Seattle is rapidly becoming the Santa Ana of the Northwest, and I think there was more support here than in southern California. I nonetheless posted on several Los Angeles TV station boards, and got much support when I mentioned the previous Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants. Many people recounted how they had not had such an easy commute since the same day years ago.

protests-2  Like the recent Women’s Protests, this “non-event” created nothing but ill feelings and indifference among non-protesters. I want to go on record here and say that NOT having the illegals report to work WILL affect some businesses, especially food and hospitality because overall, these people DO perform the jobs that legal citizens consider either too low-paying or “beneath their dignity”, which is why we have such an immigrant problem today.  The “privileged” middle class hasn’t caught up with the idea that there’s really no such thing as a “bad” job, just jobs that don’t pay what you’d like. This is a major problem that won’t be rectified until the Feds jump in and set price and salary controls.  Why should an actor get $20 million for a few month’s work to pretend to be someone else while people who perform actual life-saving work (like police and firemen, for example) get relatively low pay? Why should an athlete be paid (comparatively speaking, based on their salaries) $25,000 an hour and then work only six months out of the year? Then when he’s being interviewed on TV, he has to have a translator because he doesn’t understand or speak English? On that angle, I have to give pro wrestlers a big nod, since they work year-round without vacation (usually) in a job that can be dangerous. When’s the last time you heard a wrestler say he’s going on strike?

So, getting back to the illegals. Yes, you work in our fields and perform hard manual labour under less than ideal conditions for often inadequate pay, but you’re here because it’s still more than you’d make back home, if there WERE jobs. The fact that you chose to come here illegally, usually because you didn’t want to wait the required time to come here legally, is not relevant. You’re breaking the law and know it, which is why you refuse to apply for legal residence here. Because of this, you reap much dislike (and yes, hatred) from the citizens of this nation. Those of you who have a bit more education find citizen patsies who are willing to take a chance and offer you work in better jobs like retail and other services.  Today, some of you even feel as “privileged” as the people who are citizens, thanks to bleeding heart liberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton. These politicians lead you to believe they actually care about you and even get you to illegally vote for them, and once they get into office, they reject you like last week’s trash.

My solution? Go back and try to re-enter America  legally, because I don’t think (although the idea HAS been bantered about) that you’ll ever see a mass “forgiveness” of illegals like we saw back in the 80s. We remember too well where THAT got us, and won’t repeat that mistake again.



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