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Cafe 101 Family Restaurant

After a long day’s drive and finally settling on a hotel, we needed place to eat in Seaside Oregon, and the Cafe 101 at 1815 S. Roosevelt Dr. was just a few minutes’ drive from our hotel. We walked into a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere. Clean floors and tables and a friendly staff made us feel welcome. Even though it was getting late, we were not hurried along and this led my companion to ask what time they closed. We were advised that they had closed 10 minutes before, but the server told us they turned off the open sign so we could dine undisturbed.

All the while some mellow soft rock was playing and we thoroughly enjoyed a quiet dinner for two. We were even asked if we wanted dessert, but we declined, thinking we inconvenienced them enough. The food was served in decent quantities at a fair price. We loved this place!WP_20150420_017WP_20150420_013WP_20150420_014WP_20150420_015


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